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So now we're in the year of!

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So... now it sounds so much better saying "we're going to South America this year" rather than going with "we're going to South America next year"

so now i'm in the midst of deciding what to pack in my tiny day pack... something that is going to last me the almost 3 months that we're away... mum has said that she is going to get me a pair of hiking boots for my birthday... so i can just wear those... but for now... i'm pondering.. pondering.. and pondering.

Darren has expressed his concern at the size of my bag (his is slightly larger, but he's a boy), however, i have told him that i can totally do it... Well at least for now I can! It might get to the week before we go and I decide that it just isn't physically possible to fit all of the things i'm going to need in the bag that i've got... But i'll cross that bridge when i get to it! :)

Other than the South America energy that i'm pumping with at the moment... i'm not really that excited to be back at work after 2 four day weekends.. but it's ok.. i'll just have to get back into the groove...

I'll write again soon... probably while i'm sitting on my bag trying to close it! :)

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So it's official... we're on our way on 1st august 2010

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So... you'll never guess what my boyfriend got me for christmas this year.... PLANE TICKETS TO SOUTH AMERICA!!!! :)
It's fantastic!!

So the dates are set... out of Sydney, Australia on 1st August 2010 to Santiago and then Bogota, Colombia on 21st October 2010 to Sydney.... I just can't believe that he got me that for christmas! He's amazing!!! I'm so incredibly lucky!! and now it actually feels like the time is coming for us to go! :)

So now i have to think about what i'm actually going to need... i'm only taking a day pack... so it's going to be interesting... but i really don't want to have to lug around a huge bag all the time.

I am in the process of looking up the weather for that time of the year, but considering we're going to be going from the coast, to the andes, to the desert... so i may have to take a range of clothes. but i can always buy jumpers and warm clothes when i get there!

Well off to looking up the weather again.. or perhaps do some work considering that's where i am! :)

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Counting Down

Thinking, pondering and considering

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So.. South America... 9 months left before we head off on our big adventure... and I can't wait.

This travel bug is adictive, and I just don't have the money to keep it satisfied.

But as I work, save money, and start to think about the wonderful, amazing things that my boyfriend and I are going to see in our travels, I can feel my heart beat faster and the grin on my face start to get bigger as I realise that it's really not that long before we head off and with the way that the year has gone so far, it's bound to be here in a jiffy!

The travel plan so far (if you can call it a plan) is to leave this place that we live (alice springs) and head off to Sydney, where we will catch our flight to Santiago (Via Aukland or Buenos Aires, we have to get the tickets yet). And then from there, the only "plan"that we have is to get to Peru, Ecuador and then Columbia.

So at the moment, I'm trying to figure out how to pack for 3 months in a day pack... I can do it... It's just figuring out how........... But i'm sure that i'll get there in the end.

Thinking about insurance, and injections, but mainly concentrating on the incredibly different cultures that we're going to see, totally different to my European trip.

Talk again soon

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